Contact list
At the IDDS product documentation department we are organized in a way that every product category has its own dedicated account at our site. Due to recent changes we have revised the contact list.

If you have any questions regarding one of the product categories feel free to contact the assigned person.

Product category Assigned person
ADS Jan Buij
CMS Thomas van der Lee
Docking Jan Buij
Automation Thomas van der Lee
Folding door Jan Buij
HSD Jan Buij
Megadoor Thomas van der Lee
OHSD Maeve Buis
The Hands-Online Page Thomas van der Lee

Product Info
It often happens that changes are made to current products or that we introduce new products. The product innovations and changes in the Crawford product line and portfolio that affect sales, installation and service on products are announced via Product info. To keep track of all the changes the IDDS Product Documentation team archives all these product info's for you.

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From now on it is possible to sign up for our e-newsletter and to receive all the product info changes directly in your mailbox.
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Product Info

How do we work?
It is important to start with the selection and structuring of information to create product documentation in an effective way. Therefore the IDDS Product Documentation team follows its own guidelines so we can be sure that we communicate clearly and effective all the time.

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