Welcome to my Website

This website will tell you more about me, about my first term at IBIS and all about the courses, about the environment and about all the things that we done this past 8 weeks. Are you ready?

Hello my name is Enescu Cosmin, but everyone calls me Cosmo, I am 21 years old and I am from Romania. I lived all my life in Romania untill last year when i had this great initiative and idea to study abroad, because the Romanian educational system doesn't fulfill my desires when in comes to my choice for a University. Last year I studied in Einhoven at Fontys Hogeschool, learning ICT(computer programming). To make things clear this wasn't my thing, wasn't for me i struggled with it for 1 year, and then it hit me, why not to find a University that suits me perfectly, and I looked for 1 day and then I found InHolland, lets just say it change my life and my way of thinking. IBIS changed my way of thinking in a manner that I cannot explain, why? because 2 years in ICT department with math,physics and informatics; you start thinking logical, if you fix a problem it's fixed and you move on to the next thing, you don't think outside the box but this course gave me the influence to take every problem serious to think not only for a solution, but for a dozen and this keeps my brain active, and keeps me active. Since I was a kid i had a afiliation for football, waterpolo, traveling and dancing. Football i played only with my friends, so I didn't took this sport to a new level. But waterpolo and dancing, this were my man activities 6 years ago. First i started dancing at the age of 14 and continued with this for the next 3 years. After 3 years i needed to stop because things got worse into my school life, I was focusing to much on dancing then on school subjects, and i put it to an end, but not long after that i started waterpolo and this I played until my senior year.Unfortunetelly this came to an end, because it is senior year and i put in ballance waterpolo and school for my future and surprisingly school one.