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10.General     /Louis xeltentat
                    /Triconick Core

*revolution forces.

1.soldier: after some good trainings and good work you get this rank.

2.corporal:This rank is gained by passing basic training and he / she is primarily a rifleman.

3.SERGEANT.  This rank is an experienced and very senior rank, Leading instructing and communicating directly between commanding officers and troops. (The sergeant is responsible for taking the troop into battle, and will be able to do all the jobs a trained combat soldier can do including teach recruits.
This is the first link in the chain of command.

4.LEIUTENANT. This rank is slightly more senior but has more overall say in how troop movements are co coordinated, 
Also making sure his troops are trained and capable.
He/she will report directly to the commanding officer or the captain.

5.CAPTAIN. This rank is a very senior rank and responsible for Revolution Forces recruitment / public relations / commands troop organisation / complaints / discipline / discussions and complaints from public.
Will also deal with media interest if any. 
The captain is a member of the war council and will discuss tactics.


7.SERGEANT MAJOR. This rank is the Kingpin of all non commissioned ranks, he / she is therefore responsible for every rank below him and will co ordinate troop movements and deployments,
This role will also include disciplining troops.

8.COLONEL. This rank is the most senior acting rank below the commander in chief.
He is responsible for most things including discipline, his judgement is usually final.

9.GENERAL. This is my own rank; just as highlander said (there can be only one!)
Warning!  Piss up my leg and I will shit down your neck!
Louis Xeltentat & Triconick Core
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 Revolution forces

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