Please fill in all questions like this:

0) Question.



1) What Is your Second Life Full username?


2) What is your Second Life age? (Go to profile, and look under 'born')


3) Have you had any military experience in RL or SL?


4) Why do you wish to join us?


5) Where did you hear of us?


6) What aspect of the military are you most interested in?


7) What experience do you have?


8) Define greifing?


9) What is your opinion on greifing?.


10) Do you own any greifing tools? (Nukes, orbitters, shields)?


11)Do you beleive you are more than just the average grunt? If so, how??


12)  Are you prepared to take orders, and be called upon a a moment's notice?


13) Where did you get this application?


14) Can you take hard military training?


15) When are you usually online?


16) In what division are you most interested in? (Assault or Medic)? Keep This empty if not sure. assault



Part B:


Intelligence Screening


Question 1.

If you are on base and a new recruit continues to bug you by spamming gestures and you have asked them several times to stop and they haven't. What is the proper way to deal with it?


Question 2.

A superior officer gives you an order to do somthing thats against the rules and the terms of use. What is the proper course of action?


Question 3.

You are on base and a supior has given you an order. This superior has been giving you trouble for the past few days and you don't like him. In your opinion what is the best action in this case?


Question 4.

Your infiltrating an enemy base and have been ordered to kill a specific target, on your way you see another enemy standing there not moving. He is possibly afk or he may be tricking you. What would you do?


Question 5.

You see one of your allies using a griefer tool and after asking him not to use it he tells you to shut up. What would you do?




 Revolution forces

1.copy the application to a new e-mail

2.fill in

3.send to revolution-forces@hotmail.com


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