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The Masterplan

Master plan: 1. Passion: My biggest passion in life is traveling. When I was young my mom took my all around the world and I still travel now. When you diverge yourself within another culture, you as a person change and see the world through a wider lense. Talent: I love to present and captivate an audience. I have a great eye for design and work well as a leader within a group of people. I love finding peoples strengths and utilizing them to create something amazing. 2. Business dream: My business dream is to do something of purpose. I know it may sound silly but I’d like whatever I devote my life to to matter. We watched a video today, talking about how if money wasn’t an object, what would we want out of life. I think if I had the ability to provide education to those who weren’t able to obtain it, I would feel fulfilled. I am incredibly lucky to have the ability to expand my education and I hope that one-day education will be a right not an option. 3. Definition of success: The definition of success is a tricky one. There is a great feeling in knowing that one has been able to create themselves a life that they can feel proud of. My goals don’t include a fancy house or car; though those things are nice I’d rather know that I lived my life with worthwhile experiences. If I can sit down when I’m 70 and know that I lived a fulfilling life I will feel successful. 4. Long-term goal: To be in a place where I feel like a have a balance between my work and personal life. I want to be able to have the freedom to travel and experience the world. I want to know that I have chosen a career where those things are possible. 5. Short-term goal: Finish my degree and move onto a masters program to expand my education. 6. Actions: • With my short-term goals it’s about dedicating my next four years to study. The first step within that is getting my credits for the first year. • My long-term goal is a bit more difficult, I feel it involves a mature development of character. It takes a lot of maturity to find a good balance in life and not steer to close to either side. Though I think If a am able to keep it a priority it will happen ☺ 7. Commitment: I promise myself…. to remember what’s really important. The old saying “stop and smell the roses” is so true. It’s important to have goals, but its equally important to remember to live a little.