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My desktop pictures are available now in two sizes: all in 1024 x 768 and some in widescreen 1680 x 1050.
In many cases I've been able to use the original materials for the best possible quality.
I've made no pages, but gathered the images into a group of zipfiles you can download. Enjoy them.
Windows users may find resource-forks in the folders, you can throw these away.
A. Brolsma                                                                                                                       Utrecht, januari 2011.

Zipfile 1: Abstract
21 images, of which 1 widescreen.
For these and other digital images see my website.

Zipfile 2: City
5 images, of which 2 widescreen

Zipfile 3: Collages
6 images, of which 2 widescreen. Titles: 1. Art's Dekko; 2. The Dress, Barty... The Dress! 3. The Golden Ball;
4. Schrecklicher MORD in Holstenwall.
You can see other collages & digital images on my website.

Zipfile 4: Desktopdivers
5 images, of which 2 widescreen; 4  different versions of the image and 1 showing the background only.

Zipfile 5: Glass
9 images, of which 2 widescreen.

Zipfile 6: Landscapes
13 images, of which 4 widescreen.

Zipfile 7: Objects
8 images of which 2 widescreen. Painted mannequins: Bummer, Freia & Erda, Lonely Boy, Swan Lake.
See website.

Zipfile 8: Photos
Six images of the Beautiful Orchestra, the Attic Room and cats.
See my Miniature Rooms

Zipfile 9: Tin City
5 images of which 1 widescreen.

All images in my websites are copyright and may not be used for com-
mercial puposes. You can use them on your computer, print them and
frame them or put them on a webpage but you should not change them
or use them as backgrounds in pages.
Windows users may find resource-forks in the folders, you can throw
these away.
ⓒ A. Brolsma, Utrecht, January 4th 2011.

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