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Todo (upload or check):
Warhammer Dawn of war 2, Insurgency Sandstorm, Ark , Overcoocked 2 Update

Dear visitors, I understand downloading from the new fileshosts is much less convenient then yandex.
Yandex however only allows 10GB each account so I'm constantly creating new accounts, yandex is now blocking my accounts when i'm access them using vpn so i can't upload to my accounts.
Perhaps switching to another vpn will do the trick for a while but the accounts, vpn switching etc is timeconsuming and I don't want to invest in other vpn subscriptions. Leechinghell is a hobby after all ;-).
 This is why is switched to clicknupload ( because they use this one at cs.rin.ru now) and Uploadship (because they claim to not delete files).
This is not for financial gain and I will gladly switch to alternatives if some requirments are met (fast download speed, long file storage if inactive, decent amount of storage space and allowed file size).
To download without much hassle from the fileshosts use tools like jdownloader2 or with a good adblocker (for ex ublock origin) you will be able to download in a min. work (clicking a few times, w8 for timer and close ads)

25/02 Added Stellar Commanders ,The Wild Eight and Portal Knights
Updated Besiege (page 29)

28/01 Added Praetorians - HD Remaster

27/01 Fixed Plague inc unlocks (page 16)

26/01 Updated Plague Inc (page16), Updated raft (page 30)

24/01 Leechinghell is now 15 years old (even older using other names). Nothing special to celebrate but a few uploads .

Added Hot Lava and Stonehearth
Updated/fixed Battlezone Combat Commander (page 29)

21/01 Added Lego World and War for the Overworld
Fixed Gang Beasts
Provided some mirrors.

18/01 Added D-LAN to Applications. A must have tool for every LAN party

Testing with another filehost (Uploadship). They claim to dont delete inactive files etc.
Yandex is great but its timeconsuming creating accounts over and over again. I'm also mirroring on (clicknupload) but they do delete inactive links.
Added The Warhorn, Gang Beasts and Galactic Asteroids Patrol

7/01 Added Factorio and Rimworld
Fixed Human Fall Flat

24/01/05 - 1st day online
19/12/06 - 1st Megaupload Upload (RIP Megaupload)
2/09/07 - Added the Link Exchange (removed)
2/06/13 - Leechinghell is now on the .pw domain