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El Sham's Awards
Golden Paw Winners
Golden Paw Award Winners

Week 28 (6-12 July) 1998
Visit CutieCat's Hompage
Owner: Lindsey Davenport
Description: It is a page about cats. It contains facts, quotes, humor, and much more! There is also an animal rights page.
El Sham's Award committee: Another great site. Design is purrfect, love the use of colours, graphics etc. Great site, nice facts, purrrrrfect! Few pages where missing though (humor#.htm)

Week 26 (22-28 June) 1998
Visit The Birman Home Page
Owner: Dave Kopper
Description: The Birman Home Page is a site dedicated to the sharing of information about the Sacred Cat of Burma, also known as the Birman. The information available includes frequently asked questions, pictures, stories, Birman show announcements, Birman newsletter and club information and Birman pedigrees. There are also two mailing lists (Birman-Lovers and Birman-Breeders with web-based archives).
El Sham's Award committee: Great site! Lots of information...
Upgrade from silver Paw Award to Golden Paw Award!

Week 25 (15-21 June) 1998
Visit Katascali Cattery and Design
Owner: Val Kotas
Description: Welcome to Katascali Cattery breeder of championship Birmans (Sacred Cat of Burma). In the following pages you will find the world of the Sacred Cat. Discover where Birmans come from, explore the mysteries of their history, and experience the enchantment of the Sacred Cat. Learn why people who live with a Birman say that they are guarantee a place in heaven.
El Sham's Award committee: This site is absolutely great...
Upgrade from silver Paw Award to Golden Paw Award!

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