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El Sham's Awards
Bronze Paw Winners
Bronze Paw Award Winners

Wednesday 5 August 1998
Visit Oklahoma Cats
Owner: Kristin
Description: Oklahoma Cats - Meet 6 Oklahoman cats and their family.
El Sham's Award committee:

Navigation6Your pull-down box didn't work for me :-(.
Contents8Like the polydactyl club, The Cat Name-O-Matic etc. Looking forward to your FAQ.
Graphics7Some pictures are a bit dark.
style8Nice uniform style.
TipsGreat Site! Pages need navigation buttons, please check your pull-down menu.

Tuesday 4 August 1998
Visit Kama'Aina Cattery's Home Page
Owner: Cheryl & Rob Jutras
Description: This is our home page for our CFA registered cattery. It is a family oriented site to show our breeding lines and helpful links to other sites on the web.
El Sham's Award committee:

Navigation6Place more navigation buttons on every page.
Graphics5Improve quality.
TipsDevelop a uniform style for all pages.

Monday 3 August 1998
Visit Av Skara Brae Norwegian Forest cats
Owner: Sylvain Sarah Piney.Runzis
Description: -
El Sham's Award committee:

Navigation6The framed version isn't very functional. I miss navigation buttons on some of the pages of the frameless version.
Contents8Like your genitical engine.
Graphics7Some backgrounds are a bit strong.
style6Could be more uniform. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is not very practical.
TipsNavigation buttons, backgrounds.

Sunday 2 August 1998
Visit Condo Cattery
Owner: Shelly Thornton
Description: The Essence of Nature. The Bonds of Home.
El Sham's Award committee:

Navigation6Easy to navigate through the frame, but there should be navigation buttons for a frameless version as well.
Contents7Good cattery site, lots of info.
Graphics8Good quality.
style8Well designed.
TipsNice site, please add navigation buttons for frameless version.

Tuesday 28 July 1998
Visit Kittie Krafts
Owner: Kittie Krafts
Description: Kittie Krafts specializes in cat, dog, doll and bear furniture. All furniture is generously padded and covered with upholstery remnants. Also sells cat toys, teasers, kicker toys, spider toys, more.
El Sham's Award committee:

Contents7Nice products.
Graphics5Quality good, but needs more graphics.
TipsPage needs some graphics! Buttons, backgrounds, decorations etc.

Monday 27 July 1998
Visit Elvessa's Tonkinese
Owner: Laurie Schiff
Description: Information about Tonkinese cats; natural rearing and holisitic health care for cats; book store for natural cat care books, books on cat breeding and showing; information regarding responsible breeding; information regarding animals rights vs. animal welfare; information about declawing and keeping cats indoors.
El Sham's Award committee:

TipsMore graphics, buttons etc.

Sunday 26 July 1998
Visit Tigger's Cat Tales
Owner: Tigger
Description: All about me, the best looking cat on the web! Even though I am a recovering catnip addict, I am a very hardworking cat. I have started a club for other former shelter cats like me. Come see all the gorgeous kitties.
El Sham's Award committee:

Contents7Nice personal cat site.
Graphics7I like some backgrounds very much - I'm not so pleased with some of the others.
style6A uniform style for all pages would be better.
TipsUniform style.

Saturday 25 July 1998
Visit Pets Pals
Owner: Tina Hill
Description: Meet my 7 cats and my dog.
El Sham's Award committee:

Navigation7I don't mind frames myself but some people do (or can't handle them). How can they navigate through your site?
Graphics7Some backgrounds are a bit strong (illegible text).
TipsPage needs more navigation tools, apart from the frame. Style could be more uniform.

Monday 13 July 1998
Visit Le Chat Paws Cattery
Owner: Marie Tabsch
Description: Le Chat Paws Cattery specializes in all color pointed himalayans except chocolates and lilacs. We work with National Winning Lines. Le Chat Paws Cats have made their homes all over the world to selected homes.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery site.

Sunday 12 July 1998
Visit Shopcat
Owner: Trina Walker
Description: This site is dedicated tot he working cats of the world. Each cat has their own page with their story and picture.
El Sham's Award committee: This is a really great site. Beautiful pictures, well designed.

Monday 6 July 1998
Visit Catnip Purrs Cat House
Owner: Melissa
Description: A wonderful site for cats and cat lovers!!
El Sham's Award committee: I like your site, but why a "thanks for visiting script" for every link within your own site?

Sunday 5 July 1998
Visit sue freeman's guide to rescue cats -or- guide to rescue cats
Owner: sue freeman
Description: General info on how to help with animal rescue, lists of humane groups and what they do (not a links page) and low cost vets and what they charge. I also just put up a links page just for cat people listing links by categories. you can get to it at the bottom of the index page.
El Sham's Award committee: Lots of info...

Saturday 4 July 1998
Visit Nalleman's Homepage
Owner: Nalleman
Description: Welcome to my homepage! I'm new at the net so I haven't learned yet, and I'm very lazy too (I'm a brittish shorthair) but I'll promise you'll gonna laugh...
El Sham's Award committee: Nice approach, but please do something about your pics, your photos take forever to load.

Thursday 2 July 1998
Visit Lottas Pages
Owner: Lotta Lindgren
Description: Contains free cat-graphics (made by me) and my cat "Eddie the ragdoll"
El Sham's Award committee: Good looking site, nice cat-graphics!

Wednesday 1 July 1998
Visit Four Friendly Felines
Owner: Sara O'Brien
Description: All about the four cats that run my life. We have stories, pictures, and a whole lot more!
El Sham's Award committee: Nice site, a bit too many different styles for my taste though...

Tuesday 30 June 1998
Visit Anjie's Grooming Page
Owner: Anjie
Description: A site about proper pet care and grooming. Cat breed information, cat facts, and cat graphics. A weekly featured cat "pic" with a bio. Stories about my work as a groomer & Animal Control Officer.
El Sham's Award committee: great site, lots of info and stories! Well done!

Tuesday 30 June 1998
Visit Whispernwoods Orientals
Owner: Terri Gillingham
Description: We are a small cattery located in Western CAnada.We are the loving home of National winners since 1992.All Original graphics and animation done by my friend Anita.

Tuesday 30 June 1998
Visit Only For Cat Lovers /Amanda's Page
Owner: Amanda Cat
Description: Hi, I'm Amanda cat. My page has updates every month with new poems, stories, links, and banners.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice, original site...

Monday 29 June 1998
Visit Fried's Cat Shelter
Owner: Kent Parker
Description: Fried's Cat Shelter is a No-Kill, No-Cage, not-for-profit cat shelter.
El Sham's Award committee: The way you use your frames doesn't add any functionality to your homepage. At least place navigation buttons in the upper frame...

Sunday 28 June 1998
Visit Catarific A Celebration of Cats
Owner: Sue
Description: This site is a dedication to Christofur and also a celebration of all cats.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice site...

Saturday 27 June 1998
Visit Marcus Persians
Owner: Mark Hannon
Description: This site is the home page for Marcus Persians, located in suburban Washington, DC. We work with particolor, bicolor, and solid color (except white) Persians. Our site consists of photos of some of our prize-winning Persians and a brief description of them.
El Sham's Award committee: Purrrfect pictures! I do miss some kind of index though...

Friday 26 June 1998
Visit Cali's Homepage
Owner: Angela
Description: A page dedicated to my cat Cali and for all cat lovers.
El Sham's Award committee: Cute page...

Thursday 25 June 1998
Visit Katharine' Show Babies
Owner: Katharine Pugmire
Description: Cattery page for exquisitely beautiful Persians!
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery site. Good quality pictures...

Wednesday 24 June 1998
Visit Kimara Russian Blues
Owner: john nikiforos
Description: Information and photos of the Russian Blue Cat. We are registered breeders and show our cats regularly but more importantly they are part of the family...

Tuesday 23 June 1998
Visit Anne Kvassheim's Homepage
Owner: Anne Kvassheim
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery homepage. Good quality pictures. Had some problems with your navigation buttons...

Monday 22 June 1998
Visit Kit'N'Kat Himalayans and Persians
Owner: Donna
Description: We breed for health and loving purrzonalities! All kittens are CCA and or CFA registered. Specializing in Colour Points, Solids and Tabbies.

Sunday 21 June 1998
Visit Kazi-Kats Korner
Owner: Kathy Joiner
Description: This is my first attempt at a web page and showing my admiration for my show Maine Coon Cats and other felines. My husband and I update the photos and are adding on continuously.DAWe love our 4 legged "kids" as only proud parents do and think there is nothing better than sharing life with cats.

Saturday 20 June 1998
Visit May Iren Hilseth's Homepage
Owner: May Iren Hilseth
El Sham's Award committee: This site looks great. Well designed!

Friday 19 June 1998
Visit Stacey's International Cat Names
Owner: Stacey W. Rogers
Description: I have over 12,400 names of cats from around the world. I also have names for 72 other animals. There are names for over 60 breeds/colors of cats, and many stories and photos of international cats. I have the word "cat" in over 60 languages. There is much, much more!
El Sham's Award committee: Wow, this is great a large and interesting site. Love what you've done there...

Thursday 18 June 1998
Visit Little Hearts Cattery
Owner: Denise Mueller
Description: Little Hearts is a home page for my Persian cats. I also have a link page called Kitty Korner which contains links to many cat sites for all cat lovers.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery site. Like to see more navigation buttons on all pages...

Wednesday 17 June 1998
Visit HutzLair Bengals
Owner: Tamara Hutzler
Description: Site dedicated to the Bengal breed. Information about us, our cattery, our cats and available kittens. Links to other Bengal sites.
El Sham's Award committee: Well designed cattery website!

Tuesday 16 June 1998
Visit Spynke Wea's homepage
Owner: Spynke Wea
Description: This is our own page!We have cat-animations, links, about us and much more!
El Sham's Award committee: Few dead links. Overall nice personal page...

Monday 15 June 1998
Visit Gypsy and Ziggy's Homepage
Owner: Shelley Barnhart
Description: This page is about three (soon to be 4!) kitties that run my household (as well as my heart! Kitty facts, pictures, graphics, and much more!
El Sham's Award committee: Nice site, A lot of info and nice stories, well done! But please test on screenresolution 600x800 as well. It's a bit messy in 600x800. Almost Silver award quality....

Sunday 14 June 1998
Visit Heilige Birma vom Elfensee
Owner: Edith Bienczyk
Description: Presentation of the birman or sacred cat of burma, all around and about cats.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery site...

Saturday 13 June 1998
Visit Blue's Cat House
Owner: vicki hyde-hickey
Description: The site contains information about cats, particularly Siamese, with links to many other cat related sites on the web!
El Sham's Award committee: Nice personal & cattery site, good quality pictures...

Friday 12 June 1998
Visit Aladar Persians
Owner: Art Dowd
Description: Informative and somewhat educational site about the Persian Cat and it's history within CFA. Our nursery is not to be missed and we also have a nice faq page.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery homepage. The quality of the pictures is purrrfect! Nice FAQ.

Thursday 11 June 1998
Visit Pojo's Persians
Owner: Joni Young
Description: Pojo's Persians is a CFA Cattery of Excellence. Site offers pics of cat family, kiity humor, kittens available and a prayer for all animals.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice cattery site. Good quality pictures.

Wednesday 10 June 1998
Visit sardross cattery
Owner: Avril Ross
Description: British Shorthair breeding cattery. Melbourne Australia.
El Sham's Award committee: Always nice to see another BSH site. Like your pictures. Design could be more original. Please use navigation buttons as well, besides the pull-down menu (don't like to push the 'back' button constantly). Please use dimensions in pictures...

Wednesday 10 June 1998
Visit Keith Postlewaite's site
Owner: Postlewaite, keith
Description: my site is a cat owned site of what they do and a page of Samantha's story , a page of some cat facts, and awards they have gotten.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice personal homepage...

Tuesday 9 June 1998
Visit catmanDrew! Fine Art for Cat Lovers by Drew Strouble
Owner: Kim Strouble
Description: catmanDrew gallery features original cat art paintings of realistic domestic cats in watercolor and affordable fine art prints by America's best-loved cat artist Drew Strouble. If you love cats, you're going to love it here.
El Sham's Award committee: Original commercial site. Nice art...

Monday 8 June 1998
Visit Wehnertīs Sacred Birmans
Owner: Susanne Wehnert
Description: Birman cats:breed info, genetics, pics and not least the personal page of our housecat!
El Sham's Award committee: Like your logo and other art! Nice cattery site. Postcard service is great! Upgrade to Silver, you deserved it! You've worked very hard

Sunday 7 June 1998
Visit Bengal cats by ShereKhan Cattery
Owner: James and Michelle Bouldin
Description: What is the Bengal cat? Where did it come from? What do they look like? Act like? If you want these questions answered, check this site out.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice bengal site, would like to see more faq's and info about the bengal breed on this site. Nice pictures.

Saturday 6 June 1998
Visit Misha
Owner: Serge Kostylev
Description: Misha's cat page.
El Sham's Award committee: Love your pictures - nice quality! But, needs more cat info!

Friday 2 January 1998
Visit Castelo de Alfaia Cattery
Owner: Carlos Alfaiate & Luis Miguel Castelo
Description: CASTELO DE ALFAIA cattery, Persians, Exotics and Devon Rex - PORTUGAL.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice drawings, pictures look great but the jpg quality is a bit low...

Wednesday 31 December 1997
Visit CatConnect
Owner: Silke
Description: This site serves as a tool to bring catlovers and breeders together! Purebred cats of all kinds are here to find.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice page, lots of info...

Tuesday 30 December 1997
Owner: Agnieszka Radtke
Description: I have Cat Pages in English & Polish.
El Sham's Award committee: Very nice, funny and large site.
Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to Silver Paw Award, suberb site...

Monday 29 December 1997
Visit La Sacca del Diavolo
Owner: Eleonora
Description: For the cat's lovers. Housecats and bure breed cats. Genetics questions (colours of kittens).For the happy cats and owners (?)!!!
El Sham's Award committee: I'd like to see more information on this site...

Sunday 7 September 1997
Visit Albertīs Place
Owner: Kjell
Description: I tell a little story about my cats,pictures and graphics made by my self and a very quite cat on front page...
El Sham's Award committee: Nice personal homepage...

Wednesday 12 August 1997
Visit Sushe Siamese
Owner: Shelley
Description: Informational page of Su-She Cattery, Pictures of our Siamese, and great links!

Monday 11 August 1997
Visit Gaby's Homepage
Owner: Gabriele Kolb
Description: Katzengeschichten und viele Bilder meiner Katzen.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice site, nice stories ...

Sunday 10 August 1997
Visit Caliente Persians
Owner: Terry Brown
Description: This webpage is designed solely for the welfare and care of the purebred persian and I wanted to show my visitors the beauty and conditioning of my cats. This is very important to me as I truly love this wonderful world of cats.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice pictures

Thursday 7 August 1997
Visit Amy..... what you wanna do?
Owner: Amy Jordan
Description: This is an animal friendly site, with information on how to stop animal cruelty- it focuses on the use of all animals, including cats, for vanity testing (beauty products).
El Sham's Award committee: Very nicely designed site...

Wednesday 6 August 1997
Visit Chris & Chris' Cats
Owner: Christine Fontaine
Description: This site is devoted to our four cats: Whiskers & Scotty, two Seal Point Siamese, and Whisper & Spitfire, two domestic shorthairs adopted from a local rescue agency.
El Sham's Award committee: Very nicely designed cat page. Love the memberships page, what busy cats you have :-)
Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to Silver Paw Award. Love your site, great designs.

Friday 25 July 1997
Visit 3 Internet Cats
Owner: Karen
Description: The homepage of 2 somalis and a aby. Do-It-Yourself Cat Tips and many other links...
El Sham's Award committee: nice page, like the Do-It-Yourself Cat Tips!

Monday 21 July 1997
Visit Comrade Cattery - Siberians
Owner: Linda E. Gray
Description: Comrade Cattery - Siberian cats
El Sham's Award committee: Background picture is a bit strong. Nice catterypage though.

Sunday 20 July 1997
Visit maine coon and turkische angora site
Owner: anneke en alex de vries
Description: a lot of information and pictures about maine coon and turkisch angoras...
El Sham's Award committee: nice cattery page.

Saturday 19 July 1997
Visit The Intrigue of the Cat
Owner: Shannon Coulter
Description: Contains cat quotes, facts, and intros to the Coulter Cats. Also, Kitty PotPURRi where felines and their humans can send in kitty stories, poems, and pictures...
El Sham's Award committee: Informative site, design could be better on some pages (illegible text on some pages).

Sunday 13 July 1997
Visit TopSecretCat
Owner: Will Senger
Description: Did you know your cat could be an international spy?
El Sham's Award committee: Funny page!

Tuesday 17 June 1997
Visit Morions Home
Owner: Morion
Description: About WHAT I am... and what I like: cats, the universe, crystals and much more...
El Sham's Award committee: Nicely designed page...

Monday 16 June 1997
Visit Ginkgo's Cyber Pet Adoption Agency
Owner: Ginkgo
Description: Come and adopt a cyber pet. There are lots of pets here, especially cats (see the Magical Easter Egg Creatures page for most of the cats) and lots of variety. All of the pets are either clipart that I modified heavily, or original artwork. Each pet comes with a personalized birth certificate, and we have several styles available. I add new pets every week and there will always be new pets and fun things to find here.
El Sham's Award committee: Nice design...

Monday 9 June 1997
Visit Jelly Bean's Page
Owner: Joy Beth C. Ferro
Description: Full of mischief and fun, Jelly Bean takes you into his world on his "So Stinky Web Page" Not an indication of the page itself but a reference to his lovingly given nick name. YOu will find pictures, his story, helpful links and his award page along with his own seal of approval, The Jelly Bean. Jelly is always up to something, find out what it is today!
El Sham's Award committee: Nice site...

Friday 6 June 1997
Visit Gitalaya cattery
Owner: Gail Francois
Description: My website is dedicated to the Burmese & Bombays that I breed... & soon hope to add the Asian group of cats too...
El Sham's Award committee: Large, informative site...
Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to silver Paw Award!

Wednesday 4 June 1997
Visit Spencer Cats
Owner: Wil Spencer
Description: All about the Spencer Cats. Featuring the Spencer Cat Cyber Carousel and Cyberlog.
El Sham's Award committee: Very nice site, like the carousel...

Wednesday 28 May 1997
Visit Callanish Bengals
Owner: mike fury
Description: Callanish Bengals
El Sham's Award committee: nice site, lovely pictures...
Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to Silver Paw Award!

Thursday 8 May 1997
Visit Lehman House of Russian Blues
Owner: Jay Lehman
Description: This is a tribute site for the Russian Blue Cat.

Tuesday 25 March 1997
Visit Bret's Page
Owner: Bill Eastburn
Description: Site by and for PR NGC Kajoti Riverboat Gambler, a Birman cat.

Saturday 22 March 1997
Visit More Than Words
Owner: Shelly Lahman
Description: There's lots to do, see and hear. Adopt a Cyber-Kitty for your own home page. Visit "Paws Pad", read my original poetry, visit my holidays pages where the latest holiday is Easter, and til April 1st, go on an Easter Egg Hunt. This and much more...

Wednesday 5 March 1997
Visit My Place In Cyberspace/My cats/Mirre
Owner: Ann-Louise Paulsson
Description: I've got two pages about my cats, just follow the links from my main page! I've got one page about my eight cats, and one about my kitten Mirre.
El Sham's Award committee: Cute pictures!

Monday 3 March 1997
Visit Pawprints and Purrs
Owner: Susie Bachman
Description: Cat related poems, stories, quotes, humor, trivia, facts, vet/health care related sources and links, pet loss and of course, the Bachman PurrKids.
El Sham's Award committee: Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to silver Paw Award!

Sunday 2 March 1997
Visit A Cat's Eye View!
Owner: Crazy Girl (Brandi)
Description: A collection of quotes, poetry, pictures and links for cat lovers.
El Sham's Award committee: Lovely site, nice designs. Upgraded from bronze to silver!!!!

Saturday 1 March 1997
Visit Whiskers - A - GoGo
Owner: Colleen M. Chapman
Description: Cats, Cats, Cats and Music

Friday 28 February 1997
Visit lisaviolet's cathouse
Owner: lisaviolet
Description: How do they cope with all of those cats? Pictures, stories, trivia, a diary and much more.
El Sham's Award committee: 18 cats and a lot of music... Check out the special designed fence around Lisa's backyard!

Thursday 27 February 1997
Visit Maine Coon Madness
Owner: Bonnie
Description: A tribute to Grand Champion John Wayne and his children.

Wednesday 26 February 1997
Visit Svenska katters sida/The Swedish cat site
Owner: Magdalena Jaczewska
Description: The Swedish cat site is dedicated to all catlovers, not only in Sweden. Unfortunatly the entire site is in swedish, but the gallerypage is to die for.

Tuesday 25 February 1997
Visit Adolfsbergs cattery
Owner: Magdalena Jaczewska
Description: This is the page to be if you are a Birman and catlover.

Monday 24 February 1997
Visit Halikatin Cattery
Owner: Irma & Tuomo Hakala
Description: The Halikatin Cattery Homepage
El Sham's Award committee: very nice site, I like it that each of the Halikatin cats has its own page. Great link page!

Sunday 23 February 1997
Visit K-TEE Colorpoints and Siamese
Owner: Lee Brown
Description: K-Tee Colorpoints and Siamese Cattery, Katie the wonderful retired racing greyhound.

Friday 21 February 1997
Visit Precious, Kiki and BBear's Home Page
Owner: Sandra Barcenas
Description: Web page devoted to my fur friends.

Thursday 20 February 1997
Visit Auxarcs Ocicats
Owner: barbara stewart
Description: Were not wild we only look that way. A description and photos of the Ocicat. Information on how the breed was created and how I got started in showing and breeding Ocicats.
El Sham's Award committee: beautiful quality pictures

Wednesday 19 February 1997
Visit Tenukicats
Owner: Donna Case
Description: These pages include photos and write ups on our cats and policys, as well as feline articles and links to everything from veterinary to fun kitty stuff.
El Sham's Award committee: great links on this site!
Upgrade from Bronze Paw Award to Silver Paw Award.

Tuesday 18 February 1997
Visit Kisan Cattery home page
Owner: Dale and Gene Wright
Description: Kisan Cattery home page

Monday 17 February 1997
Visit ali's catz
Owner: ali
Description: cat lover site
El Sham's Award committee: Cool art and graphics!

Sunday 16 February 1997
Visit The Tonkinese Cat
Owner: Wanda Martin
Description: Visit this site to learn about the physical, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of the Tonkinese Cat. The site includes photos of "Tonks" in a variety of settings and stages of physical development and includes links to representative National organizations and interest groups

Saturday 15 February 1997
Visit Blueberry Cattery's Web Site
Owner: vicki hyde-hickey
Description: Blueberry Cattery- a site devoted to Appleheads and Classic Siamese
El Sham's Award committee: Excellent Pictures!

Friday 14 February 1997
Visit Too Tall Perians
Owner: victor morris
Description: l am a breeder of shaded silvers chinchilla

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