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These are all the awards this site has received.
We looooooooooove Awards!!! Thanks for the honor, we really appreciate it. Did you know El Sham has it's very own awards? You can nominate someone else's site or even your own...

Elite Site Winner
Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. (award mentioned in the Wall Street Journal 2/19/97 B1)
Your site has been chosen by me, Ravi, to be an "elite" site.
Bully 4 You
What a wonderful site! I really enjoyed my visit!
I would like to present you with this award---btw---bulldogs love cats!
Turbo's Scratch of Approval
Hi! I just stumbled on your site, and I really like it! So, I would like to give you my award, Turbo's Scratch of Approval.
Cool Cat Site
The Cat Page has choosen your site to feature as the Cat Page Cool Cat Site of the Week for the week of April 27th. I've very much admired your site and am a frequent vistor. Some day I actually hope to be able to say I've seen everything there:-)))))
TailTalk Award
Cats United International has decided to give this month TailTalk Award to the Cattery El Sham - British Shorthair - (Dutch Website)

Suzan van Prooijen and her Cattery El Sham web site has been a great inspiration to many new-commers to the online cat world. A real treasure and a rare well designed website. What a delightful way to present your cattery to the world.
Cat Web Award
I hope you will enjoy my cat web award. You have already so many that it might just run up your server's drive space. But my reasons to pass you my award are:
  • you have put hell of lot of work in your pages. They are very interesting and informative and offer hours to surf on
  • your pages offer more than a sheer link collection
  • I appreciate especially the big efforts you made to make an unique and personal homepage. Many self created graphics instead of nicking everything from other pages or internet graphic collections
  • Your pages reflect your love for cats and computing. Your pages are beautiful and not quickly clumped together
  • Your pages are easy to surf on and perfect to navigate
  • everything is very decent and tastefull, no clashing colours, no horribly wild backgrounds which course stinging eyes
  • not to forget that English is probably not your native language. Compliment for your abilities
Taken all in all you have really created outstanding and brilliant pages I appreciate and admire a lot.
Pussecat's Rainbow Rose Award
Pussecat's Rainbow Rose Award.
A Purrfect Site...
Swedish Catsite award
I just wanted to tell you that I've decided to award your GREAT catsite with the Swedish Catsite award. Your site is the first site outside Sweden to receive the award! I just love your site!!!!
Pet Lover's Award
I have just visited your page and think it is wonderful! I would like to offer you my "Pet Lover's Award".
This is a Royal Home Page
We (The Royal Home Page Review Team) are pleased to announce that you have won the Royal Home Page Award! During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!
Dark Site Award
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Your site has been selected to recieve:
Darkmoon's Dark Site Award.
This award is given to the nicest sites on the web: the most attractive, the easiest to navigate, and the best content. It means that your site is one of the best. It is my way of saying "Thank you" for providing the world with a wonderful web page.
all-time favorite
Well, Jeffrey and I don't generally make immediate decisions, but it seems that your site is certainly a favorite, as well as an all-time favorite (Ace Cattery).
Best Bets
You WON! You Are One Of The Net's Best Bets!!!
White Tiger Award of Excellence
Congratulations!! You have been selected for outstanding excellence in your web page design! We would like to present you with the "White Tiger Award of Excellence" for your great page layout, design, and content.
Midnight's Black Panther Award
Midnight and I both like your site a lot ! There is so much to do there, and it is all so pretty ! Being an American Shorthair, Midnight feels kindship with your Bristish Shorthairs too.
Whiskers Cool Cat Award
You won!!! You won the "Whiskers Cool Cat Award"
Ace's Feline Friendly Award
Ace's Feline Friendly Award
Beware of Cat! Sittin' Pretty Award
Sittin' Pretty Award
Thank you for visiting Beware of Cat! I am proud to announce that you have been chosen to receive the Beware of Cat! Sittin' Pretty award for display on your page. Your site is outstanding!
WWWilly's Award
WWWilly's Award
You got it! Your page is GREAT!!!! I think you are the first foreigners to recieve it! One of these days I'd like to cross the "big pond".....hehe... Keep up the good work!
Cat Page Award
We LOVED your page, it is fantastic!!!!!!!!! We're more than pleased to give you the Cat Page Award.
lisaviolet loves it
Lisaviolet loves it Award.
Cat's Meow Award
Congratulations!!!!! You're PAGE has WON my "Cat's Meow Award".
The Cat Lovers Award
It would be an honor for me if you would accept The Cat Lovers Award,created for all cat lovers
Your website has been choosen for the 'Elite Touch of Class' Award! Given for *EXCELLENCE* within your pages.
You may view your link at the 'Touch of Class' winners page.
!! Selected Web Site !! Congratulation for your site
Calle's Very Best Choice Award.
Escati Like It! Award
Greetings from escati.com, Thailand's No 1 WWW Site.
We've visited your site and we like it a lot. My cat is sitting next to me at this very moment.
We are pleased to present you with the Escati Like It! Award.
Je hebt hem !! Je bent zojuist verkozen tot Sprint Hit of the Month. Naast een goed ontworpen site en leuke en informatieve inhoud was het verfrissende uiterlijk en de goede dosis humor zeker belangrijk bij mijn keuze. Ook je HTML ziet er goed uit.
Wow!!!! What a GREAT SITE!!!!
You gotta have a "Kiki's Paw of Excellence"for your site to be complete.

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