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Cattery El Sham - the Cattery

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Cattery "El Sham" no longer exists! I've decided to stop in March/April 1997. I had several reasons. Bad luck was a very important one. We nearly lost our first British Shorthair, Fancy, while attempting to breed her. Our second British Shorthair, Bla, lost her first litter and never became pregnant again after that. Then there's time. I just don't seem to have any to spare - and a cattery is very time-consuming. Thirdly I lost my catteryname and had to start all over again with a new name, which didn't appeal to me at all! The problem in Holland was, that there were two cattery register offices (CCR and WCR) at the same time (during a few years), and there was no communication between them. El Sham was initially registered with the WCR. The problems started when they decided to go back to one cattery register office (CCR) again and found quit a few double catterynames in the database, and catterynames that resembled other names too much . El Sham wasn't accepted and I had to choose a new name. I didn't want to do that because I really liked the name and the story behind it. My catteryname was called "El Sham". You would probably say that a name like that sounded quite oriental and didn't suite the sturdily built British Shorthair breed.
I've named my cattery after "El Sham", one of the three Arabian stallions of whom all thoroughbreds descend from.
El Sham was a brown stallion, born in 1725 in Morocco. He was sent to France and went through quite a few adventures before he finally was sold to his sixth and last owner, the Earl of Godolphin in England.
Sham had a very special friend, the stablecat Moumou. He and the cat were inseparable. Sham's name was changed to Godolphin Arabian and he became a famous sire. Sham died in 1753. Moumou, the stablecat, mourned over the stallions death and disappeared. She was found dead a few days later.
The friendship between El Sham and Moumou, and the fact that Moumou was a British shorthaired cat, made me name my cattery "El Sham".
Because I named my cattery after one of the three ancestors of the English Thoroughbred, I decided to name all my cats and kittens after racehorses. There are so many racehorses, world-wide, it was actually quite easy to pick a nice name which suited the cat or kitten.
Some of the names I've used were: Xalabla, Chelsea, Cha-Cha, Copperfield and Charles Dickens.

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