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Alexander, Lloyd

The tail, of course, must come forward until it reaches the front paws. Only an inexperienced kitten would let it dangle.

American saying

A cat's a cat and that's that.

Amory, Cleveland

Cats talk with their tails.


Curiosity killed the cat, Satisfaction brought it back.

Auden, W.H.

Cats can be funny, and have the oddest ways of showing they're glad to see you.
Rufimace always peed in our shoes.

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Baudelaire, Charles

It is easy to understand why the rabble dislike cats. A cat is beautiful; it suggests ideas of luxury, cleanliness, voluptuous pleasures.

Baudelaire, Charles

Sages austere and fervent lovers both,
In their ripe season, cherish cats, the pride
Of hearts, strong, mild, and to themselves allied
In chilly stealth and sedentary sloth.

Bellay, Joachim du

My Small Grey Cat
He was my very dear
Companion everywhere,
My room, my bed, my table,
Even more companionable
Than a little dog; for he
Was never one of those
Monsters that hideously
Fill night with their miaows;
And now he can't become,
Poor little puss, a tom -
Sad loss, by which his splendid
Line is abruptly ended.

Belloc, Hilaire

There is not a man living who knows better than I that the four charms of a cat lie in its closed eyes, its long and lovely hair, its silence and even its affected love.

Bensen, Margaret

The cat is, above all things, a dramatist.

Blount, Roy Jr.

Cats have intercepted my footsteps at the ankle for so long that my gait, both at home and on tour, has been compared to that of a man wading through a low surf.

Burton, Maurice

Anyone who claims that a cat cannot give a dirty look either has never kept a cat or is singularly unobservant.

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Caras, Roger A.

Cats can be cooperative when something feels good, which, to a cat, is the way everything is supposed to feel as much of the time as possible.

Carriere, Winifred

The cat is the mirror of his human's mind, personality and attitute, just as the dog mirrors his human's physical appearance.

Chinese proverb

I gave an order to the cat, and the cat gave it to its tail.

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Davies, W.H.

H is for Hedge
I climb a tree to bring them down -
The yellow eyes of my black kitten;
The laurel hedge that's left behind -
Whose shoulders measure three feet wide -
Is swaying lightly in the wind.

But when I looked from my high place,
With my black kitten safely tucked
From danger, under my left arm -
I saw that laurel's thick, broad back
Was wriggling like the thinnest worm.

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Eden, H. Parry

Four-Paws, the kitten from the farm,
Is come to live with Betsy Jane,
Leaving the stack-yard for the warm
Flower-compassed cottage in the lane,
To wash his idle face and play
Among chintz cushions all the day.

Under the shadow of her hair
He lies, who loves him, nor desists
To praise his whiskers and compare
The tabby bracelets on his wrists -
Omelette at lunch, and milk at tea
Suits Betsy Jane, and so fares he.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Do you see that kitten chasing so prettily her own tail? If you could look with her eyes, you might see her surrounded with hundreds of figures performing complex dramas, with tragic and comic issues, long conversations, many characters, many ups and downs of fate.

English proverb

The cat has nine lives: three for playing, three for straying, three for staying.

English saying...

In a cat's eyes, all things belong to cats.

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Farjeon, Eleanoor

It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see.

Franklin, Benjamin

The cat in gloves catches no mice.

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Gray, Thomas

The hapless Nymph with wonder saw:
A whisker first, and then a claw,
With many an ardent wish,
She stretch'd in vain to reach the prize.
What female heart can gold despise?
What cat's averse to fish?

Greenburg, Dan

There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.

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Heine, Heinrich

God at first the sun created,
Then each nightly constellation;
From the sweat of his own forehead
Oxen were his next creation.

Wild beasts he created later,
Lions with their paws so furious;
In the image of the lion
Made he kittens small and curious...

Herford, Oliver

When I grow up I mean to be
A Lion large and fierce to see.
I'll mew so loud that Cook in fright
Will give me all the cream in sight.
And anyone who dares to say
'Poor Puss' to me will rue the day.
Then having swallowed him I'll creep
into the Guest Bed Room to sleep.

Herford, Oliver

Kitten, you are very little,
And your kitten bones are brittle,
If you'd grow to Cats respected,
See your play is not neglected.

Smite the Sudden Spool, and spring
Upon the Swift Elusive String,
Thus you learn to catch the wary
Mister Mouse or Miss Canary.

Herford, Oliver

It's very nice to think of how
In every country lives a Cow
To furnish milk with all her might
For kittens comfort and delight.

Hood, Tom

Our old cat has kittens three
And what do you think their names shall be?
Pepperpot, Sootikins, Scratch-away-there,
Was there ever a kitten with these to compare?
And we call their old mother - now, what do you think?
Tabitha Long-claws Tiddley-wink!

Hunt, Leigh

She is a sprightly cat, hardly
past her youth she darts out a
paw, and begins plucking it and
inquiring into the matter, as if it were a
challenge to play, or something lively enough
to be eaten. What a graceful action of that foot
of hers, between delicacy and petulance! -
combining something of a thrust out, a beat
and a scratch.

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Irish Proverb

To kill a cat brings seventeen years of bad luck.

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Jerome, Jerome K.

Why people should prefer a wet cat to a dry one I have never been able to understand; but that a wet cat is practically sure of being taken in and gushed over, while a dry cat is liable to have the garden hose turned upon it, is an undoubted fact.

Johnson, Oliver

It's an honor to paint cats.

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King, Ben

The cat that comes to my window still
When the moon looks cold and the night is still -
He comes in a frenzied state alone
With a tail that stands like a pine tree cone,
And says: "I have finished my evening lark,
And I think I can hear a hound dog bark.
My whiskers are froze and stuck to my chin.
I do wish you'd git up and let me in."
That cat gits in.

Krutch, Joseph Wood

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.

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A man possessed a cat on which he doted;
So fine she was, so soft, so silky-coated -
Her very mew had beauty.

Landor, William S.

Cats, like men, are flatterers.

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Monro, Harold

Cat's Meat
You, domestic Pinkie-Nose,
Keep inside, and warm your toes.

Morris, Wright

Cats don't belong to people. They belong to places.

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Nash, Ogden

The Kitten
The trouble with a kitten is THAT
Eventually it becomes a CAT.

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Oldfield Howey, W.

The cat in repose forms a circle, even as the serpent's head finds and bites its tail again. Thus it is the ideograph of Divinity in Nature, the Eternal, the Universal, the Complete.
It is Om, the sacred Name, the prayer that exceeds all prayer and obviates words in realisation.

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Though such things may appear to carry an air of fiction with them, it may be depended on that the pupils of her eyes seem to fill up and grow large upon the full of the moon and to decrease again and diminish in brightness on its waning.

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Quadrupeds, A General History of

If anyone should steal or kill the Cat that guarded the Prince's granary, he was either to forfeit a milch ewe, her fleece, and lamb, or as much wheat as, when poured on the Cat suspended by its tail (its head touching the floor) would form a heap high enough to cover the tip of the former.

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Rands, William Brighty

The Cat of Cats
I am the cat of cats. I am
The everlasting cat!
Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam,
The everlasting cat!

Rosetti, Christina

Pussy has a whiskered face,
Kitty has such pretty ways;
Doggie scampers when I call
And has a heart to love us all.

Rousseau, Jean-Jaques

Watch a cat when it enters a room for the first time. It searches and smells about, it is not quiet for a moment, it trusts nothing until it has examined and made axquaintance with everything.

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Sandham, Agnes A.

Now, as you all know, there is nothing a cat dislikes so much as water; just watch your kitty shake her paws daintily when she steps into a puddle, and see how disgusted she is if a drop of water falls on her nose and back.

Simon, John

I have found my love of cats most helpful in understanding women.

Smith, Stevie

Our Office Cat
Our Office cat is a happy cat
She has had two hundred kittens
And every one has been adopted into happy homes
By our cat-loving Britons.

Southey, Robert

Kitten is in the animal world what the rosebud is in the garden; the one the most beautiful of all young creatures, the other the loveliest of all opening flowers

Swinburne, Algernon

Stately, kindly, lordly friend,
Here to sit by me, and turn
Glorious eyes that smile and burn,
Golden eyes, love's lustrous meed,
On the golden page I read.

All your wondrous wealth of hair,
Dark and fair,
Silken-shaggy, soft and bright
As the clouds and beams of night,
Pays my reverent hand's caress
Back with friendlier gentleness.

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Taine, Hippolyte

I've met many thinkers and many cats, but the wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

Tomson, Graham R.

A little lion, small and dainty sweet
With sea-grey eyes and softly stepping feet

Twain, Mark

There was a little cat,
And she caught a little rat,
Which she dutifully rendered to her mother -
Who said, 'Bake him in a pie,
or his flavour's very high,
Or confer him on the poor, if you'd rather.'

Twain, Mark

If a man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.

Twain, Mark

A home without a cat, and a well-fedd, well-petted and properly revered cat, may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove its title?

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Underhill, Evelyn

I have just been given a very engaging Persian kitten, named after St. Philip Neri (who was very sound on cats) and his opninion is that I have been given to him.

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Valdez, Jeff

Cats are smarter dan dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.

Vechten, Carl van

The cat is never vulgar.

Vinci, Leonardo da

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.

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Wain, Louis

Intelligence in the cat is underrated.

Will, George

The phrase "domestic cat" is an oxymoron.

Wodehouse, P.G.

The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact.

Wordsworth, Dorothy

The kitten sleeps upon the hearth,
The crickets long have ceased their mirth;
There's nothing stirring in the house
Save one, wee, hungry nibbling mouse

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Xiaoping, Deng

Yellow cat, black cat, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat.

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Yeats, William Butler

Cats are oppressed; dogs terrify them, landladies starve them, boys stone them, everybody speaks of them with contempt. If they were human beings we would talk of their oppressors with a studied violence, add our strength to theirs, even organize the oppressed and like good politicians sell our charity for power.

Yeats, William Butler

The Cat and the Moon
The cat went here and there
And the moon spun round like a top,
And the nearest kin of the moon,
The creeping cat, looked up.

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Zola, Emile

I was then two years old, and was at the same time the fattest and most naïve cat in existence. At that tender age I still had all the presumptuousness of an animal who is disdainful of the sweetness of home.
How fortunate I was, indeed, that providence had placed me with your aunt! That good woman adored me. I had at the bottom of a wardrobe a veritable sleeping salon, with feather cushions and triple covers. My food was equally excellent; never just bread, or soup, but always meat, carefully chosen meat.
Well, in the midst of all this opulence, I had only one desire, one dream, and that was to slip out of the upper window and escape on the roofs. Caresses anoyed me, the softness of my bed nauseated me, and I was so fat that it was disgusting even to myself. In short, I was bored the whole day long just with being happy.

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