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Henriëtte Ronner

Henriëtte Ronner was one of the most famous 19th century Dutch painters. Her paintings of cats are known all over the world. Henriëtte was born in Amsterdam on 31 May 1821.
She inherited her artistic skills not just from her father, Josephus Augustus Knip, a well known artist himself, but almost all other familymembers were painters too.
Henriëtte painted for a living, which was quite unusual for a woman in the 19th century.
She died in Brussels in 1909, leaving behind hundreds of catpaintings.

5 cats with peacock feather
JPG 19.6 kB
Hunting scene
JPG 13.6 kB
Ecole de couture
JPG 15.2 kB

JPG 15.2 kB
JPG 14.5 kB
Chamber music
JPG 15.7 kB

Cats with painting
JPG 15.8 kB
The turbulent family
JPG 20.1 kB
The clockmakers
JPG 23.2 kB

Round the world
JPG 20.0 kB
JPG 21.9 kB

Animated paws

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