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Want to exchange links? Let me know if you have a cat-related Website that you want mentioned on my cat-sites page. Your site has to be cat-related and I reserve the right to list only those sites that I think will interest the readers of my site. Your site can be listed under one or more categories, I maintain a separate page for each category. The information you enter in the "site-info" text fields will be used as a description of your site. After submitting this form, your input will by checked by a JavaScript function - if necessary, please follow the instructions and submit the form again. If the form is submitted and accepted, you can expect your link to pop up on my cat-sites pages within one week. If it doesn't, send me a message. If your browser doesn't support forms send a request by e-mail to sham@dataweb.nl. Some browsers accept the forms but not the JavaScript - I'll let you know when that happens...

Your Name

Your E-mail address
Your Web Site url: (If you don't have one, I will link to your e-mail address)

Title of your Web Site

Wil you place a link to El Sham's Web Site on your homepage?
Yes, of course! No way!

Web Site Category:
Commercial (catfood, groomingproducts etc.)

Please explain your business...

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_comme.html

Official site of Cat Club or Organisation

Name of the club:
Please explain what the cat-club offers on this site:

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_catcl.html

Cattery, breeder of:

Use CTRL to select multiple breeds

Name of Cattery:

Please tell more about your Cattery...

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_catte.html

Information about cats, FAQ's

What kind of information or FAQ's can be found on this site?

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_info.html

Veterinarian and Health

What kind of veterinarian information can be found on this site?

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_vet.html

Fun and humour

What makes your site Fun and Humorous?

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_fun.html

Other category:

Please explain what your site has to offer (only cat-related)...

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_other.html

Web site about wild cats (lions, tigers etc.)

What kind of information does your Wild Cats site offer?

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_bigcats.html

Personal homepage about cats (select only when other categories are *not* appropriate)

What kind of cat-related information does your personal homepage offer?

URL: http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham/ln_homep.html

Lots of links to other cat-sites (select if you maintain a LARGE amount of links)

Any other information you want to add to your Web-Site link...

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this form. I'll try to add your link within one week. Please check back to see if you're satisfied with the entry.
If you have a page for cat-related sites on your site, then I would appreciate it very much if you would place a link to my site as well.
Please use the following information:

Title : British Shorthair Cattery El Sham - The Netherlands
Url : http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham
E-mail: sham@dataweb.nl

If you like, you can use this banner:

Cattery El Sham's Banner - http://www.dataweb.nl/~sham

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