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This site uses Java, JavaScript, Forms, Tables and Frames.
Make sure you use a compatible browser like Netscape 2.0 (preferably 3.0) or Internet Explorer 3.0.

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Online JavaScript Tools
Kitten Development Calendar: Lets you type in the date of birth of your kitten(s) and returns a 12-week Calendar which shows you how your kitten will develop.
Pregnancy Calendar: Lets you type in the date of mating and returns a 9-week Calendar which shows you how your queen's pregnancy will develop.
Calcium-Phosphor Calculator: Select a meat sort (*warning* - be patient, do not press the calc button until the meat-document is loaded: check your status bar), select the Calcium-Phosphor ratio of your liking, type in the Calcium-Phosphor contents of your vitamin/mineral supplement and the amount of meat. This tool will tell you how much of your vitamin/mineral supplement you need to add to correct the Calcium-Phosphor Ratio and it returns a neat analysis.
Due to a math function I needed, this script does not work with Netscape 2.x. It works fine with Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0.
There are *129* types of meat you can choose from.
4 Level Cat Quiz: Just for fun. There are four levels and if you want, your score can be listed on the El Sham Quiz Score-Board.

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What is new
Here you can see what major changes took place since the last time you visited this site.

I'm very sorry, but I don't have a lot of time to work at my homepage right now. I have removed all pages that took too much time...

Thursday 9 January 2003.
I had to update the Pregnancy Calendar and the Kitten Development Calender.
19 Februari 2001.
Bad news! I've lost one of my cats. Tom developed 2 tumours within 3 months and had to be put down. I've updated his personal cat book in Tom's virtual Cat Book. You can read what happened in the chapter Tom's last months.
Wednesday 29 November 2000.
Removed all pages that take too much time to maintain. Updated the Pregnancy Calendar and the Kitten Development Calender.
Friday 19 March 1999.
Mij ISP had problems with one of their servers so I had to upload the entire site again. Sorry for being 'down' for a few days.
Tuesday 5 January 1999.
I've ajusted the Pregnancy Calendar and the Kitten Development Calender. You can choose a year between 1998 and 2000 (and I've tested the scripts, there both millennium-proof!).
Tuesday 28 July 1998.
Check out my El Sham Award's Page. Now you can see how many points I've given your site. Perhaps your site is very close to a Silver or Golden Paw Award. If you can handle the well-intentioned criticism, try to do something with it and nominate your site again. But, if you can't handle criticism, please don't apply for my awards.
Sunday 28 June 1998.
Check out my award pages. I've checked out all former winners again, deleted 'dead link' entries and upgraded some sites from Bronze to Silver and from Silver to Golden. Check out the first two Golden Paw Award Winners!
Tuesday 16 June 1998.
Hey, finally another 'Fancy' Adventure. Read Alarm in Fancy's virtual Cat Book if you want to know what happened.
Saturday 6 June 1998.
Never a dull moment when Ace is around. Read Mouse in Ace's virtual Cat Book and pity me.
Monday 25 May 1998.
Sleeping seems to be out of the question, in this house. Read The ever so scary snail from hell, if you want to know why in Bla's virtual Cat Book.
Sunday 10 May 1998.
Some people have a life, I shave cats on a beautiful Sunday morning. Read Bald and Dangerous in Ace's virtual Cat Book.
Friday 8 May 1998.
I was finally able to catch up with the quiz entries, they're all on my Cat Quiz Score Board.
Thursday 7 May 1998.
How a quiet night almost turned into a complete disaster. Read Ashmara, the inflammable cat in Ashmara's virtual Cat Book.
Thursday 7 May 1998.
You wouldn't believe he had it in him. Read Ace, my killer cat in Ace's virtual Cat Book.
Thursday 7 May 1998.
Tom's in trouble again! Read Scarface Tom in Tom's virtual Cat Book.
Wednesday 6 May 1998.
Added: Turkey; back - meat&skin, Turkey; breast - meat&skin, Turkey; dark meat, Turkey; dark meat - meat&skin, Turkey; giblets, Turkey; gizzard, Turkey; heart, Turkey; leg - meat&skin, Turkey; light meat, Turkey; light meat - meat&skin, Turkey; liver, Turkey; meat only, Turkey; meat&skin, Turkey; mechanically deboned - from Turkey; frames, Turkey; neck - meat only, Turkey; skin only, Turkey; whole, Turkey; wing - meat&skin, Venison; lean meat only to JavaScript Calcium-Phosphor Calculator...

Want to see changes from the past?
Go to my "What's new on this site" Archive...

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