De nakomelingen van Johannes Almer
(1753 - 1796)


Welkom op de pagina van de familie Almer in Amsterdam. Hier vind je de stamboom en genealogie van Johannes Almer en zijn nakomelingen, maar ook informatie over de families Boelhouwer, Engelhard, Holleder, Feldkamp, Kerkeling, Matthesius, Potemans en anderen, allemaal uit Amsterdam. Welcome to the page of the Almer Family in Amsterdam. Here you can find the family tree and genealogy of Johannes Almer and his decendants, but also information about the Boelhouwer, Engelhard, Holleder, Feldkamp, Kerkeling, Matthesius, Potemans families and others, all from Amsterdam.

Because non of my Almer relatives, with one exeception, left the country to live abroad, I've not taken the trouble to also present these pages in English. But to search for individuals, enter the site by selecting the 'Welcome' link above and click the "Stamboom" (Family Tree) button. The text describes all decendents of Johannes Almer, born in 1753, that I have found. Next, click the "Dynamic Family Tree" button at the top of the Stamboom page to search all relatives I have researched. This application can be switched to represent the information in different languages by selecting the button at the top marked with a flag.

For additional information or explanation please send e-mail to
Ronald Almer or leave a message in the Gastenboek (Guestbook).

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