RapidDownload is a light, powerful and fast Rapidshare downloader. The program size is only 15Kb !! It needs almost no processor resources while it downloads your files from Rapidshare.

RapidDownload clean and simple interface strongly contradicts the present software trend among software producers, with monstruous file sizes and hidden "features". The Rapidshare Download program is only 15 KBytes !

Check this http://YouTube-Downloads.110mb.com/    Only 39Kb free download!!!

It knows all native YouTube video formats: HD, MP4, FLV, 3GP videos, preview video, auto start download, skip already downloaded files, clipboard monitoring, drag & drop from IE / Firefox, proxy support, multiple simultaneous downloads, etc.

The RapidDownload Project endeavours to provide a safe, easy way to manage Rapidshare.com downloads with no hassle. If you enjoy using my software, please consider making a donation.
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The RapidDownload key features are:
  • very high performance Rapidshare downloader and crawler created in assembly language
  • ultra small program with only 15 KB size as all windows programs should be...
  • more than 1300 lines of high performance programing code
  • proxy support (it uses Internet Explorer proxy settings)
    hint: you can auto change your IP easily with a command line proxy switcher executed from "IP_changer.bat", and that will permit you no wait to the next download...
  • compatibile with all windows versions (from Win95 up to Windows Vista)
  • no install required, no registry mess, just unzip and run!
  • complex crawling engine, automatic retries, server pages recognition, user extensibile
  • If you reinstall Windows, no program reinstall is ever required, it just works like before!
  • very intuitive interface: copy your Rapidshare links to the file "downloads.txt" and then start RapidDownload to download them automatically.

RapidDownload is sheer power at your disposal! See the details below:
Search Rapidshare for links that you want to download, and create a file "downloads.txt" and copy all those links in that file.

Start Rapidshare Downloader and take a break from the computer (go outside having fun, playing, shoping, etc., just use your imagination for that part...).

When you return home, surprise!, all files that you wanted are downloaded to a directory named "downloads" from the directory where Rapidshare Downloader was started!

If you found just too many links in one webpage to copy them by hand (maybe in a forum), do not worry! Save that html page in RapidDownload's directory and rename it "downloads.txt"

Start Rapidshare Download and, yesss!, it also understands html very well! It will just look in that html file and will download all the Rapidshare links from it!

You have many files to download and some of them have the same filename. What to do then? RapidDownload knows if a file already exists, and will autorename the newer files so that you will have all of them!

You have many files to download and you closed RapidDownload before all of them got downloaded. What to do now? Rapidshare Downloader knows that a URL was already downloaded, and will continue next time exactly from where it left!

From where got RapidDownload the secret knowledge to skip the already downloaded files? The answer is in "history.dat" wich is created by RapidDownload and wich stores all Rapidshare URL links succesfully downloaded.

Get to your computer RapidDownload and unzip the program to a directory of your choice.
NOTE: This program does not need any installing, it will just works!


Did you heard about Google, the multibillion company with a lot of programmers?

Read about their Android 4.4 Kit Kat Email app joke "specifications" below:
- cannot attach more than 5MB to email
- cannot attach, send or receive ".zip" or any other archives (Google decided that zip files are extremely dangerous to you, and the email shoud be used only by Facebook and Twitter freaks, not by normal peoples)
- Email app needs a lot of dangerous security permissions all over (including acces to phone calls???)

When you see the above facts, you ask yourself: who made the specifications for their Android Email app, it is really designed by business programmers or by some kids at school??

I stumbled uppon these when I made a picture with the phone and I tried to send it to my family by email. Bad luck, I could not send it that day because of the very googlish 5MB email attachement limit.

Hey Google, this is a joke? We, people, pay a lot of money for a business smartphone and then we cannot send a poor email with it???

Instantly I searched for another email app (named K9) but I still liked the native email client better.

To remove these email limitations, I was forced to download the entire Android 4.4 Kit Kat source tree (14GB of data), and then I needed to learn how to crosscompile the Android email client in my Linux test system.

After 3-4 weeks of intense work, here it is what the multibillion company Google could not achieve, but I could do, for all of you peoples wich are in the same boat as me.

Features of my improved Email 4.4 Kit Kat client:
- enlarged attachments size limit up to 100 MBytes
- removed restrictions to send/receive archives and zip files
- removed restrictions to send/receive apk files
- less dangerous permissions granted to the Email app (to reduce attack surface)
- source code can be downloaded freely from here and can be compiled if you do not trust the provided compiled program.

I use this on my Android 4.2 phone every day succesfully, you certainly do not need the latest Android 4.4 OS to run this Android 4.4 Kit Kat Email app.

To install it on the phone, you need to uninstall your old email app (root may be required for that), because they have the same names and java classes, as the source code of this email app is from Google Android OS too. To remove the old system email app, I used the free app "System App Uninstall v1.1 by wszf" from Google Play. With it you can also remove other bloat from your phone too.

Here you can get the improved Android 4.4 Kit Kat Email.apk

Here you can get the improved Android 4.4 Email app source code for manual review.

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