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I live in a small village, where I still can enjoy fresh air, rest, where I enjoy the sun everywhere around the house without the shade of high buildings, where I enjoy the abundant greenery, where I can see in the delicious grand landscape the horizon everywhere, and where I admire thousands of stars at clear nights. And there I enjoy many birds and chickens that each day sociably come to me to obtain some food. When in 1973 I bought the plates mentioned below, I did not understand what did struck me so much, (perhaps sadness and sorrow at a lost past) and what to do with them, but still every time I examined them with pleasure. I would have them hanging to the wall but they where too large and my room too small, moreover I could not see the details then and just that I liked so much.

In that time I enjoyed when new houses were built. It always gave me the feeling the world was becoming better and it seemed to me it was great for the new occupants. But in the course of years looking at the picture Müller is reflecting in his paintings below, I always got the dreadful feeling as if getting the message from the doctor establishing a deadly sickness. In all regions I lived in in the course of time I saw the sequence of the paintings of Müller, culture devouring nature, and got that dreadful feeling again. One time I had a nightmare, wherein I had same the feeling, because the city where I lived was cultivating the last children playing ground.

The bulldozer moves forward or the changing landscape

By: J. Müller

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I’m afraid the children born some 60 years ago are thinking that the first plate of Müller reflects the normal situation, and children born 20 years later are thinking the same of the second, and the last generation, grew up 20 years ago will find the next plate normal . And I’m afraid that the last generation , born in this society will consider the last plate of Müller as normal, perhaps even as beatifically. But also the first plate only is a stage on the way away from the origin, virgin nature with pure people, to the current society, away from the paradisiacal situation, wherein people did not live against but in nature, forming a part of it.

But fortunately every mess also can be cleared away also neatly. The way down is the same as the way up.



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