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About me


Diploma: HAVO

Driverslicense: yes

Languages: Dutch, English and German

Programs I work with:

2d Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash,
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Painter,
Powerpoint and many more.

3d Max, 3d BLender, Bryce 5, Wings 3d, UVmapper Professional, World Machine,
and GeoControl.

Projects and Jobs in chronological order:

1996 Exhibition of my digital art in
the Cinetol Library.
Design and building of the website for
Josien Buijs her doll collection.

1997 Project Amstedam anno 1600,
(a 3d reconstruction of a medieval city)
offered to the Amsterdam Historical
Museum and the city archive.
(Het gemeente archief)
made with Real3d on an Amiga

1998 Project the Art-Station,
An interactive 3d gallery linked to
artist web pages.
I made the 3d space and various websites
it linked too, Artists that joined were Isik Tüzüner, Eef Gaykema (Plepje), Lies
Gronheid, Rem de Boer, Wilma Carris,
Nanda van Nie and Jan Buys.

Did a half year course on entrepeneurism
at STEW.

Designed and build website for
Relatiebureau Vera Lemm.

1999 Teached Ian ( I met at STEW) how to
build websites, which gave him a job at
the city council.

Started a cooperation with Cisca van der
Straaten to build websites and other
digital design related stuff. Our first project together was the design and realisation of
the website of the famous photographer,
Janus Szpakowski.

2000 Design and building of the website for
Nanni bruidsstudio. Big site with different
parts for couture and confection.
We made a english and dutch version.
We also created the Lastrata MP-webwerksite
for our own publicrelations.

2001 Teached Cisca the basics of working
in Macromedia's Flash.
Worked on update website of sculptress
Lies Gronheid

2002 Worked together with Cisca van der Straaten on a litho for "Square One Solutions"
hotoshop work)
Update Nanni Bruidsstudio english and dutch version.

2003 Update Nanni Bruidsstudio english and,
dutch version.
Update website for Isik Tüzüner
Update Costume Doll site (red version)
Powerpoint presentation and Flash website
for the new Weddingdress line called "Serpentine" from the Lady Bird company.

2004 Teaching Josien Buijs webdesign as it became clear that Cisca was going to switch
into a different occupation and I still needed
a helping hand for the big jobs.
Update Costume Doll site (white version).
Entered the Design a concept car for Peugot.

2005 Big Update Nanni Bruidsstudio english
and dutch version.
Installation ADSL for café Captein & Co.
Graphic design contest "Space opera" at the Computer Graphics Society website, this was
also a way to show that the opensource 3d software, 3D Blender, could be used professionally.

2006 Betatesting the 3d program GeoControl
for Johannes Rosenberg.
Photo Contest, one photo won a prize
and was published in a book.
Print work for the Venema gallery.
Photoshoot in the art studio of sculptress
Isik Tüzüner.
At the moment I'm busy with the preparations
of my latest exhibition also on digital art wich
will be held in september and october this year
in Amsterdam.