Kjeld started skydiving in 1992 at Skydive Texel and was fascinated by the aerial camerawork right from the beginning. After a slow start the first camerajump was made in 1998 and from then on it went quick. Freefly, 4-way, tandem, AFF, bigways, competition or training, if it flies through the sky Kjeld will try to take the best picture of those very special moments.
From 1998 till 2000 was Kjeld a writer and an editor of the Dutch Sportparachutist magazine and wrote several articles about medical, technical and safety topics. He also wrote an article for the "New Parachutist Manual" an official publication by the KnvvL (Dutch USPA) for every new skydiver to show them the way into the skydive world after their first jumps. Apart from cameraman is Kjeld also D-license holder, tandemmaster en staticline-instructor.
Kjeld has studied Human Movement Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam and physical education at the Academy for Physical Education in Amsterdam. Apart from this he has a teaching degree for college and university level and is a Padi Divemaster. When he is not jumping he is climbing, scubadiving, snowboarding or just travelling.

Some skydiving experiences:
2003 Freelance tandemmaster / cameraman at Skydive Texel & Zeeland, the Netherlands
2003 Cameraman "After8 FS-8" 2nd place Dutch Nationals
2003 Cameraman "Elevation FS-4" 3rd place Dutch Nationals
2003 Cameraman Texel Boogie
2002 Freelance tandemmaster / cameraman at Skydive Texel, the Netherlands
2002 Cameraman Hercules Boogie / Sweden
2002 Cameraman "Elevation" FS-4
2002 Cameraman Texel Boogie
2002 Cameraman Exotic Sky Adventures / Borneo
2001 Freelance cameraman at Skydive Texel / Netherlands
2000 Freelance cameraman at Skydive Texel / Netherlands
2000 Cameraman Texel International 16-way Competition
2000 Cameraman FS-4 Dutch Nationals
2000 Cameraman Texel Boogie
1999 Competitor Dutch Nationals Freefly
1999 Cameraman FS-4
1998 Competitor Dutch Nationals FS-8

Publications in Sport Parachutist, FreifallXpress, Skydiving, Noordhollands Dagblad, material for the HerculesBoogie2004 website.

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