Tech level Mod For Generals
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    Tech level Mod For Zero Hour (Version 0.3)
       Currently the Zero Hour version is in development and only contains techlevel 10, 9 and 8.
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Note* For some reason Norton Antivirus detects a virus in the archive. Trust me, it does NOT contain any crap.
You should turn it off if you have it. I'm sorry.

This mod brings back the Tech levels like in Red Alert to Generals.

You won't be able to choose the Tech level ingame. (Left Generals, Right Zero Hour version 0.3)

The Mod is based on Generals version 1.7, you must have version 1.4 or later installed. Get the latest patch here.
All languages supported. For Zero Hour, it will run on all versions.

Tech level Mod For Generals:

Tech level 10
Normal Generals, no build or train restrictions.

Tech level 9
All technology except for the superweapons can be built and trained.

Tech level 8
Everything is available except for the heroes, high tech vehicles (Tomahawk, Scud Launcher and Nuke Cannon) and Super Weapons.

Tech level 7
From this Tech level and higher you can build the Propaganda Center, Strategy Center and Palace so you are able to build medium tech units. A lot of upgrades are available too.

Tech level 6
From Tech level 6 you can build aircrafts. The anti air vehicles are also enabled (Quad Cannon and Gattling Tank).

Tech level 5
This is like Tech level 4 but now some more vehicles and upgrades are available.

Tech level 4
All defense buildings are avaiable plus the basic vehicles from the War Factory/Arms Dealer.

Tech level 3
Everything from Tech level 2 plus the basic defense buildings are available.

Tech level 2
This is same as Tech level 1 but now, infantry can do what they usually can do like Capturing Buildings, plus radar is available.

Tech level 1
Tech level 1 allows you to play with basic infantry only, no upgrades and special infantry abilities like Building Capture are available.

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