in collaboration with

Dragana Cukavac

on the stage of the Bauhaus in Dessau (Germany),

November 1997 / Duration 23 min.



"Where do we go from here?" - a quote from Duchamp / represents a starting point for the development of an open model of a performance which will never be repeated in the same way.

Laszlo Kerekes and Dragana Cukavac stand in front of a double video-projection screen on a historic stage at the Bauhaus. In addition, there are two moving performers wearing Kerekes' television-helmets.

The performance opens with the two main performers seated naked at a table covered with empty bottles. They blow into bottles, filling them with transient energy and material, the bottles are temporarily filled with condensation.

Two mutually compatible video works are projected onto screens simultaneously.

One video shows activities in a mad house. Divining rods are used to find a new source. The table is moved by means of an electric motor. This causes the bottles on the table to vibrate, simulating movement caused by paranormal forces which occur in a space between life and death.

In memory of my mother Magda (1927-1997)

and her uncle from a dead landscape,

the Bauhaus-artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946)

© Laszlo Kerekes




Photos Thomas Munz





Videostills by Andreas Sachsenmaier

Laszlo Kerekes and Dragana Cukavac performing"Where do we go from here?" - Version 2, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse / Berlin / 2002