The television-helmet is primarily an object. It's a usable "tool" and leitmotiv for the manifestation of art ideas in different forms and at various levels: performances, installations / objects, 2-D television-helmet pictures.

The tv-helmet can be seen as a metaphor for the electronic epoch. The tv-helmet unifies the human factor with the most relevant technologies today: electronic, telecommunication and computertechnology.

1994 > From rusted sheet-metal, I created a few television-helmets. These helmets can be seen as an application to the head. They remind us of hydrocephalus, the "water-head disease".

The tv-helmets can receive any local television program and can be connected with a video cam / recorder / beamer. [My movements cause visable distortions in reception.] The helmets can also be associated with Dadaistic and Fluxus experiences in Art. The television-helmet has become an emblematic sign in my creative manifestations which stand in relation to the global network and to important contemporary aspects in Europe.

["Tableaux vivant" / with tv-helmets > Photographs taken during the inscenations reflect specific atmospheres and visual effects, in which I, with my helmet, am the main object.]

(Laszlo Kerekes / Berlin / 1996)