Instant performance: L. Kerekes meets Emmett Williams, Lodz, Poland / October, 1996

Photo: Sylke Marten


Instant performance: L. Kerekes meets Alison Knowles & Dick Higgins, Omi / New York / July, 1997

Photo: Joshua Selman





May 1st, 1972. (International Workers' Day), West-Berlin, Karl-Marx-Platz

Joseph Beuys' use of a red broom during May Day revolutionary demonstrations is well known. He wanted to show his solidarity with the demonstrators, but at the same time, he shows his distance from them by remaining outside of the procession, symbolically sweeping the sidewalk.

He said that the ideology-fixed orientation of the demonstrators has to be swept away. Clearly, that is what was announced as a "dictatorship of the proletarians".


November 1st, 2000 (All Souls' Day/day of remembrance of the departed), Berlin, Karl-Marx-Platz

Laszlo Kerekes' instant-action uses a detector at the same places where Joseph Beuys' "sweeping" happened 28 years ago.
1) to detect any remaining traces of energy.
2) to detect what's going on under the earth in the subway tunnel
3) to inquire if the use of digital means records any transformed ideology
4) to see if there is any salvable or useful garbage-material on the street with possible object value.

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