June-September 2001, participant in the art-event >> MARKERS << at the 49. Biennale di Venezia / Concepted by Doron Polak & Ryszard Wasko;

and also at the Biennale, in the >> MILESTONES FOR PEACE <<, initiated by Iris Elhanani. More about Milestones for Peace-project (2001-2003) under:




Marking "Markers" / Venice / in Garibaldi St. / Photos by Dagmar Uhde



Exhibition of "Milestones for Peace" / with a stone from L. Kerekes



Museo Ebraico Venezia / an exhibition in Summer 2003. During of the 50th Venice Biennale (June-September), International Artists' Museum showed artist-created books with nearly 200 participants from all over the world. For this exhibition, I had used an already existing object. That is, I took an old book in which I did my artistic interventions on ten double-pages. (Reproduced example in the catalog, image 117.)


Examples / double-pages from the book for the Wandering Library
© Laszlo Kerekes / >> Das Leben Jesu <<


W A N D E R I N G   L I B R A R Y

At a flea-market in Berlin, I found a book printed in Germany in 1957. The black and white photographs from ancient times are not representing anything about the identity of art. These photographs document holy places in Palestine in reference and in memory of the life of Jesus. In the messaging context one can see persons, whose faces had probably also been forgotten. The changing position of the human in landscape and media-landscape is already a projection of the future.

In the given but closed reality of this still existing ready-made-object, I had artificially intervented on ten pages of its structure. By simple means, I have left pictorial signs, in a similar way as I had done in other books of the past in the form of diaries.

In every case, as a confirmation of their value and legitimity, the transitory images in this book will have electronic extensions, reachable worldwide at any time under:


layer 1 ) The signs concerning the simultaneous migration of energy, depict a family tomb which had already been plundered long ago by gold-seeking grave-robbers. The cemetery itself is to be plowed up. The signs and materialized forms, after metamorphosis, will no longer be recognizable. Language has become invalidated.

layer 2) The signs concerning the simultaneous migration of energy, depict a family tomb which had already been filled by the collectors, who are striving for expansion and power. The cemetery itself will be rebuilt. The signs and materialized forms of metamorphosis will be displayed in the foreground. Language has become invisible.

© Laszlo Kerekes / 2003