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DC SEARCH 2.39 FULL released. Powerful multithreading gives you a sustained rate of 99 simultaneous connections at once. Searching is 99x faster and the program size is smaller!

The world is changing... and more and more we get lost in the spam that floods the web. Yes, if you want to search for something, Google is great, but its searches are becoming less efective because of spyware websites abusing it, cloaking, redirecting, web linking in huge malware networks, etc. Also, the very same problem is afecting more or less all our other global or regional search engines.

The current crawlers retrieve content from the publicly indexable Web, ignoring a vast amount of content not accesibile using current search engines technology (see the figure below).

fig. 1 - The unknown internet (where is searching DC Search)

Seeing all these, I decided that the time has arrived to prepare alternative paths for finding the informations and that was the day when DC Search was born. For more than 2 years I kept it for private (because it is too powerful) and I was the only one who knew about it and used it.

DC Search is the sharp sword that searches through multi-terrabytes of data. Its clean and simple interface strongly contradicts the present software trend among software producers, with monstruous file sizes, bulk skinz and hidden "features". The DC Search program size is only 40 KBytes !

Many would say, why would anyone bother to write in assembler language when we have Objects, OLE, DDE, Wizards and Graphics User Interfaces ? The answer is simple, EVERYTHING is written in assembler, the things that pretend to be development software are only manipulating someone elses assembler.


The DC Search key features are:
  • very high performance crawler created in assembly language
  • small size and NO BLOAT program with only 40 KB size as all windows programs should be...
  • more than 6800 lines of program code
  • compatibile with all windows versions (from Windows 95 up to the latest Windows 7 32bit / 64bit)
  • no adware / no spyware / no viruses / no malware / no junk
  • simple to use, simple to maintain, you are in control
  • no install required, no registry mess, all settings are in one ini file (116 bytes)

click here to see the full image size


Currently, DC Search is searching more than:

 10000  DC++ hub servers  *  about 120000 - 560000 GigaBytes of information in each hub

 TOTAL is over 4 000 000 000 GIGABYTES of data not accesibile on the web!



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