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DCSearch Full Version

You may freely evaluate DC Search for a period of 40 days. If you wish to keep on using it after 40 days, you have to pay the registration fee.

Registered users will get the program with Lifetime Licence and Support for all future versions (DC Search has registered users back from year 2005 wich still use it and are fully supported even today).

Full version is only 18.95$ and registration is possibile very easy with 

What you get by registering:
  • The full version of DCSearch, with no limitations:
    • high performance software in x86 assembly language
    • faster search (up to 99x faster, with multiple parallel connections!)
    • unlimited search results displayed
    • unlimited hubs searched
    • posibility to use any nick you want
    • search for any file type and file size or search only for some specific file type
    • detalied realtime view of all TCP/IP operations
    • posibility to enter and search hubs as a user with up to 99 GB share size
    • easy integration with DC++ / StrongDC / ApexDC and others (click on some search result and DC++ will automatically connect to that hub and download the filelist of the user)
    • dinamically sort the results by size, hub, user, etc.
    • arrange the view columns in any order you like

  • Access to technical support.
For any questions regarding the registration process, please don't hesitate to contact the author at e-mail lucian.jantea@gmail.com

Click on the link below to open PayPal Secure Order Page:

Highest level of security methods are implemented in payment processing and data transfer. The PayPal servers support the highest SSL encryption level commercially available.

DC Search Compatibility:
Win 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP 32bit / XP 64bit / Vista 32bit / Vista 64bit / Win 7 32bit / Win 7 64bit/ Win 8 / Win 8 64bit. / etc.

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