It was decided, at a meeting of the general chapter back in 1959, to move the Generelate, until then in Holy Blood Covent in the Netherlands, to Rome. In 1967 the first Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood came to Rome. The Generalate was temporally moved to Mönchengladbach in Germany, and then, in 1970, the sisters moved in a wing of the new Generalate of the Missionaries of Mariannhill in Rome. Right from the beginning many of the sisters who travelled between Europe and Africa passed by Rome.


Sr. M. Adelberta

At the General Chapter in 1971 Sr M. Adelberta Reinhart was elected as the fourth General Superior of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Sisters from all around the world came to Rome, sometimes for long periods, sometimes for shorter periods; some sisters have come to study, others to do a course, others to help in the house, others because they have come to attend a congress or a meeting. There is a constant coming and going!

The altar in the chapel was consecrated in 1984 and it contains relics of the martyr St Charles Lwanga, and of St Francis Xavier and St Thérèse of Lisieux, both of them patron saints of the missions.


In 1985 during the General Chapter Sr M. Manuela Randerath was elected as the fifth General Superior of the congregation. Also in 1985 sisters all over the whole world celebrated the congregation's centenary. On the 8th of September 1985, exactly 100 years after the date of its foundation, the congregation included 1129 members scattered throughout the world: 1058 sisters with final vows and 71 junior sisters. There were also 24 novices and 30 postulants. 1120 sisters had passed away since the congregation was founded.


Sr. M. Nicholas

At a meeting of the General Chapter in 1997 Sr M. Nancy (Nicholas) Iampietro was elected as the sixth General Superior.

The house in Rome is a very international. Sisters come from every continent to be here … So many languages can be heard in this house, and the most widely-spoken, in fact, is English.


Korea 2001
Apart from the ordinary General Chapter, where the delegates of the sisters from the whole world elect a General Superior and her council, there are also extraordinary General Chapters. Here there is time to discuss other topics. The extraordinary General Chapter for 2001 was not in Rome, but in South Korea. 41 sisters from all continents came together here.


Sr. M. Ingeborg

In 2007 it was exactly 100 years ago that Mother Paula Emunds was elected as first Canonical Superior General, at Mariannhill, South Africa. Therefore, the Chapter of 2007 took place in Mariannhill as well. Sr. M. Ingeborg Müller was elected as the seventh General Superior.